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    Heckle is a grass-roots social media platform without fancy lawyers and complicated terms of service.

    We want Heckle to be a free and open space for adults, to share the world, educate, socialize and for fun and “nice” heckling, whilst keeping you and the platform safe from bullying, harrassment, abuse, illegal activities and unwanted interactions.


    These Terms of Service (“Terms”, “Terms of Service”) govern your use of our web pages at https://heckle.app and our iOS mobile application Heckle (together or collectively the “Service”, or “Heckle”).

    The Service is run by Pickup Infinity Limited, Company Number 9738184 registered in England and Wales, with registered office at 1-75 Shelton Street, Covent Garden, London, WC2H 9JQ, United Kingdom (“Us”, “We” etc.).

    By using the Service, you agree to be bound by these Terms of Service and the Privacy Policy (the “Agreements”). If you do not wish to (or cannot) comply with the Agreements, you must not use the Service, but please contact us on Twitter @HeckleHelp so we can try to find a solution.

    These Terms will be constantly evolving, as the Service is in beta and is itself constantly evolving. The latest Terms will always be available at https://heckle.app/tos, and dated whenever they are modified. It is your responsibility to review these Terms periodically. Updated Terms apply immediately, and we will endeavour to act reasonably in enforcing recently-modified Terms.

    We reserve the right to modify or withdraw the Service or any content available therein, at our sole discretion and without notice or liability.

Use of the iOS mobile application Heckle and its in-app purchases are governed by the Apple EULA.


    The Service is available to users aged 18 years and over. You must register to use the Service. You must provide and maintain true and accurate information, including your real name, although you may use a pseudonym as your username.

    You are responsible for keeping your account details and password secure.

    You are solely responsible for any content you broadcast or otherwise publish via the Service, including ensuring that you comply with all applicable laws. You must ensure that you have the relevant intellectual property rights in any content you broadcast via the Service.

    You agree that We may use the email address provided in order to communicate with you about your specific use of the Service, e.g. to deal with reports of prohibited content involving you. We will not email you for any other purpose without further consent.

    You retain all intellectual property rights in content that you broadcast or otherwise publish via the Service, and you grant Us a perpetual, royalty-free, worldwide licence to use such content within the Service, whilst attributing you as the creator. You may withdraw this licence at any time by deleting your content from the Service. Contact Twitter @HeckleHelp if you need assistance.

    Heckle provides a number of features to broadcasters to protect themselves and viewers of their broadcast from unwanted behaviour, including Block and Mute. You are encouraged to use these features to maintain a safe environment within your broadcast.

    You should report any obvious prohibited uses you observe on the Service, using either the in-app Report user function or by contacting Twitter @HeckleHelp. All users of the Service have a responsibility for keeping each other safe.


    You may elect to purchase optional benefits of the Service via in-app purchase of subscriptions, as follows:

    • Recordings of any broadcasts you make on the Services will be stored by Us for a minimum of 24 hours for free. If you wish to make any of them available for replay through the Service beyond this time, you may purchase a storage subscription. Various storage capacities and subscription periods may be made available for purchase. You can choose to remove any broadcasts from this paid storage limit at any time. If your use of the storage capacity exceeds the purchased limit, we may delete the oldest broadcasts at any time. You can download the raw recordings of your broadcasts at any time within the periods stated above. We make no guarantees about the availability, quality or reliability of recordings, replays and storage.

    • The Service is financially supported by advertising displayed within the Service. A paid subscription which will provide you with an ad-free experience may be made available through the Service.


    We may remove content, and/or your access to the Service may be limited for a period or withdrawn completely if in Our sole assessment, you have broadcast or otherwise published any of the following prohibited content. In extreme cases, or when required by law, details may be passed on to law enforcement. Prohibited content includes:

    • Harrassment, bullying, abuse, violence or harm towards oneself or others, including threats, encouragement or incitement of the same. (There is sometimes a fine line between good-humored heckling or banter and harmful content. If in doubt, you should ask the “target” of any potential harmful content if they are comfortable with it, and immediately cease if they do not consent. Since it is impractical to obtain such consent from a user who has blocked you, or whom you have blocked, any mention of such users can easily be considered harrassment.)

    • Broadcast of images or sounds of children (aged under 18) unless in a broadcast by their parent or legal guardian or (with parental/guardian consent) another adult. Accidental or incidental inclusion of children is acceptable as long as it is minimized.

    • Exploitation of children (aged under 18).

    • Pornography or sexual exploitation.

    • Illegal drug use.

    • Any illegal or criminal activities, encouragement to undertake such activities, or information about how to do so.

    • Re-broadcasting copyright materials, including TV, movies, internet broadcasts, radio, music recordings etc. without permission. (Background and incidental music, and brief excerpts under fair use/fair dealing provisions of copyright laws are acceptable. You take personal responsibility and may be liable for any potential copyright breach claims, however we may remove content we consider to be at risk of breaching copyright laws.)

    • Broadcasts which invade the privacy of others.

    • Revealing personal, private or confidential information about another user or potential user of the Service without their consent. This includes display of private or personal communications, or any social media posts with limited distribution. The onus is on the person sharing such information to show that they have express consent.

    • Any broadcast primarily intended to criticize or embarass another user or potential user of the Service. This does not apply to “public figures” within the constraints of libel or defamation laws.

    • Spam: repeated unsolicited or irrelevant messages.

    • Any activties intended or known to disrupt the Service; or using the Service in a way which gains access to features or information not intended to be provided in that way. This includes attempting to evade any suspension of Service.

    • Impersonating or claiming association with any other person, for the purposes of deception, unless clearly identifiable as parody.

    • Failing to report obvious prohibited content on the Service as detailed above.

    Note that because We do not have the resources to comprehensively assess whether content in languages other than English are in violation of these Terms, a lower tolerance for inappropriate content as described above may be applied to broadcasts, comments or other publication on the Service in languages other than English.


    We provide the Services on an “as is” and “as available” and make no representations or warranties of any kind as to the operation of the Service. You use the Service entirely at your own risk. Any liability to you is limited to the greater of any fees you may have paid for use of the Service, or USD$100.