Planned updates, roughly in priority order:

  • DONE: User search (currently the best way to follow people is during a broadcast or via exploring other user’s following/follower lists).
  • DONE: Stream recording and replays. (Replays will be opt-in, and may be a paid feature to keep longer than a day or two.)
  • DONE: Stopping the comments being all over the video.
  • DONE: world map of broadcasts (and perhaps viewers). Opt in.
  • DONE: some way of showing non-verbal feedback to the broadcaster, like Periscope hearts.
  • DONE: some way of quickly showing who’s in a broadcast, like Periscope bubbles.
  • Call-ins. (Ww didn’t like call-ins personally, but lots of people want them, so OK.)
  • Android. (Maybe a web-app for view only initially.)