Heckle is a grass-roots live-streaming platform inspired by Periscope. We are aiming to provide a simple, uncluttered experience, with good quality audio and video, and super-fast comments.

Heckle is all about interaction. It’s called Heckle because it’s great for quick banter, but remember to heckle nicely.

Heckle is created by Simon Pickup and his wife FZ, in our spare time. We want it to be self-funding and sustainable in the long-term, hence advertising and subscriptions are used to fund it’s ongoing development and operation.

On Heckle, everyone is a VIP, and everyone has to be a chance to be discovered. We do not do features, or curation, and try not to have favourites. Likewise we do not incentivize broadcasters to use Heckle. We do not want to get into monetization within the Heckle platform, but we make it easy to link viewers to your Paypal, buymeacoffee, or similar. You are welcome to promote your other social media and platforms on Heckle.