Cloud storage for replays is one of the most significant costs for Heckle, so, in line with our philosophy of Heckle sustainably managing costs, we carefully manage retention of replay broadcast recordings.

The rules for broadcast recording retention are as follows:

  1. We retain all broadcasts for replay for at least 24 hours.

  2. We allow you to pin a broadcast to display at the top of your “Past broadcasts” list. This will be retained long-term (we don’t say forever as that’s a very long time). You can change your pinned broadcast at any time. If you don’t have any pinned broadcast, your most recent broadscast will be retained long-term.

  3. You can pay for a cloud storage subscription to retain your videos online indefinitely. Currently only a 50GB plan is available, and this is being treated as unlimited until we make higher plans available.

  4. Whilst videos are retained online, you can enable/disable them individually for replay, or download the raw video file. You can also manually delete any you do not wish to keep. We may also retain videos for longer periods to be able to investigate breaches of Terms of Service etc.

  5. Purging old videos outside the storage rules will begin from 19-Jan-2022.